[geeklog-devel] PDF feature....

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Jun 8 15:24:19 EDT 2004


got the PDF code working, but haven't really played much with it yet. A
couple of observations nonetheless:

>4) Optional support of HTML tidy.  Again, this requires yet another 
>third party tool to be installed so this is disabled by default

This seems to be _en_abled by default in the config.php in CVS:

$_CONF['use_html_tidy'] = 1;

>5) Font point size is configurable

9pt is a bit small for the default - I'd suggest making that 10pt.

>This needs testing, particularly on windows.

Speaking of Windows: is_executable() is not available on Windows. We had
the same problem with mysqldump in admin/database.php.


  if (function_exists ('is_executable')) {
      $is_exec = is_executable ('htmldoc');
  } else {
      $is_exec = file_exists ('htmldoc');

Also, according to its documentation, htmldoc only understands HTML 3.2
(and most of 4.0) - so why the XHTML?

The PDF option should also be listed in the Story Options block (article.php).

The "pdfs" directory is not in CVS. If you create it, put some dummy file
in it (a README or something), please, or it may not make it into the
release tarballs.

Can anyone confirm that we can freely use the PDF logo? I couldn't find
anything on Adobe's site, but then again I didn't try too hard ...

bye, Dirk


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