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Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Fri Jun 25 18:02:12 EDT 2004

Dirk Haun
> I haven't actually installed the plugin yet (btw, it doesn't install when
> register_globals=off ;-) but I've read through the installation
> instructions. Is there any reason why you store the blacklist, etc. in
> files and not in a database?
I did not update the install script for that, since Geeklog won't run with 
register globals off yet or have I missed this.  The plugin itself, however 
will run with register_globals = off.

The reasons that I stored the blacklists in files are several. 1) For 
performance it is much quicker to read one file than it is to cycle throuch 
a large table and extract all the blacklist entries (the mt-blacklist has 
about 1500 entries currently).  2)  The blacklists are fairly static.  3)  
You can edit them by hand if you want  4) Basically for this type of data I 
do not think the database is optimal  5) Its easy to add new modules and 
their blacklists and remove modules and their blacklists without touching 
the database.  New blacklists are already in the works.

> My point being that this would add another couple of files that people
> need to chmod, if we're going to bundle the plugin with Geeklog.

Yes I see this, you may want to move the blacklist into tables, the needs of 
plugins and Geeklog itself may always not be the same.

> An idea I had for the SQL: Instead of adding it to the
> mysql_tableanddata.php (as we did for the static pages plugin), it would
> probably be easier to introduce a new directory, say, sql/plugins, and
> then put .sql files in there for each plugin. The install script could
> then read this directory and install all plugins automatically.

Sounds like a good idea.
> I've never downloaded Aeonserv - how are they doing it?
> bye, Dirk
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