[geeklog-devel] Documentation

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Jun 29 10:37:27 EDT 2004

I can host it if you want, that's no problem.  Optionally, I could also 
simply point wiki.geeklog.net at your server. 

I'm flexible, let me know what is preferred...


Tom Willett wrote:

>Ok, its been discussed enough and nothing has been done, so I am going to 
>kickstart the Geeklog Documentation Effort.  I have up MediaWiki on my 
>webserver and transfered most of the Plugin Developers Handbook to it.  I 
>never understood all the talk about wikis -- this one allows easy insertion 
>of images stored on the server and adequate markup.  I mean its not MSWord 
>but its usable.
>Before I solicit other participation, hopefully a consolidation of all the 
>documentation efforts, I was wondering if Tony wanted to host it one the 
>Geeklog server.
>By the way, they do a neat trick on install.  You are asked for mysql 
>database name, user, password and optionally the root password.  If you 
>supply the root password it will make the database, tables and user with 
>correct permissions for you.
>Install and transfering most of the Plugin Developers Handbook took about 1 
>Unless I hear from Tony that he wants to host it or some objection, I will 
>solicit submissions and announce it soon.
>Tom Willett
>tomw at pigstye.net
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