[geeklog-devel] Comment Spam & lib-c*.php

Michael Jervis mike at skinmaster.co.uk
Sat May 1 04:33:34 EDT 2004

>Sure send your code over for tracking IP's in comments.

Change to <prefix>comments add an ip column of type varchar length 15.

Trivial change in comment.php, savecomment line 285 becomes:
DB_save ($_TABLES['comments'], 'sid,uid,comment,date,title,pid,type,ip',


Trivial change in lib-common.php ;-) line 2774 in the function
COM_getComment becomes:
                . $LANG01[28] . '</a> | '.$A['ip'] );

(i.e. after the delete option we have a pipe and the IP posted from)

I think that was everything. Not rocket science.

Shame it turned out the annon comment spam was coming from random IP
addresses. Had to turn of annon commenting in the end. Perhaps some kind of
comment approval system... hmm...

>As for rearranging file locations.

Guessed as much, ta for the reply though.

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