[geeklog-devel] New features in CVS

Tom Willett tomw at pigstye.net
Tue May 11 14:39:49 EDT 2004

I have from early on had a ip lookup function in the stats plugin.  I used 
two different net based whois providers and they both soon started blocking 
access or regularly changed the interface.  So I looked into and adopted 
phpwhois2.  It contacts the whois servers directly and does not have this 
problem.  You can see my implementation in my nettools hacks.  I would 
recommend that if you do go with ip lookup that you look at phpwhois to 
avoid problems.

Tom Willett
tomw at pigstye.net

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> I had some time to play around a bit and decided to implement 2 features
> (now in CVS), for which I'd like to hear some feedback.
> 1) On top of Michael's patches to log IP addresses of comment posters,
> I've added an option that lets you click on that IP address and have it
> looked up by a website that does IP address lookups. The idea being that
> this could help you track down where abusers come from.
> My only concern is that this may be considered abuse of those services.
> But then again, it's not automated and you'll have to do a lot of
> clicking before they'll even notice and additional load.
> I've listed three such services in config.php, all commented out per 
> Comments?
> 2) Feature request #204 asked for an option to let the admin post a story
> for someone, i.e. under their name. I've now added a dropdown menu in the
> admin's story editor that lets you pick the user that should be displayed
> as the author of the story.
> The only problem is, of course, that it may take a while when you have a
> lot of users. It's already noticable with the 7300+ users in the
> geeklog.net database. And I don't really want to know how long it would
> take on MFI (how many users, Marc? 250,000?).
> Maybe it would be easier (on the database ...) to replace the dropdown
> with a text entry field or something.
> Ideas, anyone?
> bye, Dirk
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