[geeklog-devel] Anonymous CVS fixed

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed May 12 14:21:22 EDT 2004

Long and short of it is between the two Gentoo builds (first one on the 
old temp server and second one being the current server) xinetd stuff 
changed.  My first problem was xinetd wasn't even installed (let alone 
running) which cause connection errors. Then for over a week I had a 
connection related problem and after a wild goose chase it ended up 
being that in the cvspserver entry for xinetd I had to add "allow_from =" because, by xinetd's new default, it restricts all xinetd 
access to localhost.

I'm sending this here to a) let you know that finally anonymous cvs 
should be working and b) to archive this answer for future reference.


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