[geeklog-devel] Geeklog to be in PHP Architect

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon May 24 14:38:34 EDT 2004


>My only concern at this point is I'm a bit hesitant 
>to use the default xSilver theme on http://www.geeklog.net once the 
>article is published.

I was actually thinking if we shouldn't have some sort of contest to find
a new default Geeklog theme since I, too, am growing tired of XSilver.
Obivously, we can't offer much more than fame as the first price, but
maybe someone has some nifty idea ...

And in that same general direction: I think we should reduce the number
of themes that are included with Geeklog to, say, 5. The size of the
Geeklog tarball has been steadily increasing over time and with 7
standard themes, we have a LOT of files in there, which even seems to
have ticked off a few people on occasion. Uploading them all via ftp when
you're installing Geeklog for the first time and you're not sure what's
needed and what not can be tedious, I guess.

>Also, I'd like to use this as another push for recruiting coders.

Posting a followup to last year's "How can you help Geeklog?" <http://
www.geeklog.net/article.php?story=20030803155454822> may be a start.

>Dirk,  for that section it 
>would be nice to get from you what you have planned for the 1.3.x branch 

Well, shorter release cycles, for example ;-)

I've finally upgraded my last remaining 1.3.7-based site to 1.3.9 two
weekends ago and was already missing stuff that's in CVS. I think we
should slowly start to wrap up 1.3.10 feature-wise, fix as many of the
outstanding bugs as reasonably possible and start testing the hell out of
it ...

Sorry, Tony, that I used your post to go off on a few tangents here. I
promise to come back to you on the other issues ...

bye, Dirk


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