[geeklog-devel] Table locking (was: State of the Na^Wproject)

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Nov 5 09:22:45 EST 2004


>If people feel this is going to be a big deal I can make it an option
>to use "LOCK".  With it disabled though there is a risk of the
>comments table becoming corrupted

Doesn't sound very promising then.

>Fixing such a corruption is possible (and not too complicated), but
>does takes some MySQL magic.

If you add such an option, it should default to using LOCK - preferrably
even when that config option is missing from config.php.

We obviously don't want to ship Geeklog with a setup where table
corruption is possible (even if unlikely - it could still happen on a
low-traffic site). I think the only viable options are to leave things as
they are now or find a way that doesn't require locks (but doesn't
corrupt the comment table either).

So for now, I'd say we leave things as they are and keep an eye on how
wide spread the problem (of having to allow using LOCK) becomes. The
documentation and FAQ should mention this somewhere, too ...

bye, Dirk


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