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Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Sun Nov 14 17:27:29 EST 2004


Looking good :)

The only thing that I see was when I was adding the feature for a plugin to 
have control to display a block (now installed on geeklog.net) like the when 
on a forum page to show a forum menu block: I needed a way to get a list of 
blocks for this user and their order - then I add the forum block at the 
top - and call the custom_showblocks function that is part of 1.3.10.

100% of the needed code is in COM_showBlocks but this function also calls 
COM_formatBlock. I need to append to the list of blocks to display. A 
suggestion would be to change that to a function called COM_getUserBlocks 
and then call COM_formatBlock for each one of these blocks.

COM_showBlocks is only called in 3 places in lib-common so it should not 
effect any other code.

Also if we did this then we would not need custom_showBlocks.

COM_getUserBlocks  - returns an array of blocks to display for the user.
COM_showBlocks - would then accept an array of blocknames
  - Retrieve the record details for each
  - Call COM_formatBlock

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Subject: [geeklog-devel] Back on track

Okay, after taking a week off, followed by a pretty busy week at work
(which culminated in the most rigged up demo I did in a long time ...),
1.3.10rc3 is slightly behind schedule. But we're getting there.

Can I ask everyone to check the changelog, please? I may have missed a
change or two. Please update it yourself when you change something in
CVS. Thanks.

I have to catch up on the language files and look into one or two obscure
bug reports, but other than that, CVS already includes what I had in mind
for rc3.

Anyone missing anything?

bye, Dirk


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