[geeklog-devel] Re: Theme for GL2 engine

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Apr 6 16:22:18 EDT 2005

Because we are using an entirely new template engine, you can be 
gauranteed that none of the existing 1.3.x themes will work under 2.x. I 
think that should probably answer all the questions you gave me 
(indirectly so).

To the extent possible, however, we will migrate as much data over from 
the existing core plugins but the UI part of GL2 will be entirely. When 
I say core plugins I am referring to staticpages and spamx as well as 
the non-plugin features in 1.3.x that will become plugins in GL2 (links, 
stories, blocks, etc). All other plugins will need to have a migration 
path provided by the current maintainer of that plugin.


Vasilij wrote:

>Dear Tony,
>I have been using GL engine for some years now. And it’s from 1.3.X – 1.3.XX.
>Before I begin to working with design draft I wish to understand following (or if it is a place somewhere on your site, answering my questions, please send a link):
>As far as I remember, most of the pages are generated with the use of thtml, placed under the Layout directory. When I was customizing themes I found out, that some of the pages (I believe calender, etc.) are generated with partial use of templates.
>My questions in this regard are:
>1)	Are you planning to move all formating staff to templates only? (If so, it would be much easier to manipulate with design.)
>2)	Are variables names for outputting in GL2 the same as in CL1.3.X(X)? (If not – where can I find description on variable names for output)
>3)	Is your Professional theme compatible with the GL2?
>4)	Please advice me on the page main color, which you would like to use (send me HEX color code). In your Professional theme you have  blue with white dominant. Would you like me to use those?
>I would like to make some design drafts, which I will send to you for approval. When approved, I will make them done. And then maybe you can use some of them.
>Looking forward to receiving your answers (links),
>With many thanks for the amazing programming work and effort, you are putting into Open Source community.
>vasilij at email.dk

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