[geeklog-devel] Dynamic Comments...

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Feb 5 08:04:31 EST 2005

I wrote:

>One odd issue, though: It seems to be messing with the character set.
>When I collapse a comment and expand it again, all of the German umlauts
>have turned into question marks

The same thing is happening on geeklog.info:


And now for the browser compatibility test (fasten your seatbelts ...):

- The collapsing icon doesn't show up in Safari. You can expand comments,
but then the icon vanishes.

- The same thing happens in OmniWeb 5.1.

- Doesn't work at all in Mac-IE 5.2.3: The collapsing icons don't show
up; the expanding icons do show up but don't work.

- The exact same thing happens in iCab 2.9.8

- The collapsing icon doesn't show up in Opera 7.54u2 for Mac. Expanding
doesn't work (switches to "Loading ..." and stays there).

- The exact same thing happens in OmniWeb 4.5 and iCab 3.0.0 beta 227.

>From Opera, I get the following error message in the JavaScript console:

Event thread: onclick
name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 61: Expression did not evaluate to a function
object: xmlhttp.open
  Line 61 of linked script http://geeklog.info/dynamic.js
    xmlhttp.open("GET", fragment_url, true);
  In unknown script
mode=fetch&cid=192&full=true", "192");
  At unknown location
    {event handler trampoline}

To summarize: On the Mac, it currently only works on Gecko-based
browsers. I did use the latest versions available of those browsers (and
in some cases another, older version).

bye, Dirk


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