[geeklog-devel] Plugin API's for comments

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Sun Feb 6 17:35:46 EST 2005


I am writting new functions for the filemgmt plugin to use the new comment API's. Once I have these working well on a new install, I can provide some updated docs. Looks like I will need to also have a update script since there will be some data changes.

Looking at the commentbar - I see the URL {parent_url} set for plugins is an assumed plugin_dir/index.php.

This may not be too bad for most plugins and I can add code to handle this in my case since it's not the script I want to use.
But .. I have no idea when the plugin index.php is called that it's being called from the commentbar or that I should now show the comments.

The parm passed is $_POST['id'] which is too generic and most plugins already use a parm called id.
There needs to be another parm used or a parm passed indicating the mode is to displaycomments.

I'd prefer a way that we could set the URL or maybe even just have it call a PLG function to handle the commentbar.
We have PLG_displayComment that is used in comment.php

We could possibly set the parent_url for the "refresh" to comment.php as well. We already have a $type parm in this form.
comment.php already has the logic to handle plugin comments.

I noticed on other oddity with the commentbar. There is a hidden variable called $mode set and can be used to hold "display or view" I believe.
Problem is there is a second variable in the same form called $mode as well - the selectbox for the display mode.


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