[geeklog-devel] Home-made problems with forum spam

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Feb 11 13:49:31 EST 2005


>It seems to me by the time you get here you have already done most of 
>the processing (when lib-common is included), about all you would save 
>is the template processing and a small portion of the bandwidth.

The code I was quoting was the one that processes a post, e.g. in the
forum plugin. Currently, we then send a redirect to index.php, which the
spammer's scripts now seem to follow. So rendering index.php causes extra
load - it's an entirely separate HTTP request.

I was proposing that instead of the redirect we abort the script right
when we recognized the post as being spam and output a short message
instead there and then.

bye, Dirk


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