[geeklog-devel] slashes (/) in comment titles

Vincent Furia vfuria at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 22:31:59 EST 2005

Currently, and for the past since sometime in late 2002/early 2003
geeklog has been doing an extra stripslashes on things coming out of
the database.  Around that time frame we stopped storing the title and
comment in the databases with escaped special characters.

The problem is that if you want a comment with a slash in it ('/') you
currently need to double slash it to get it in the database so that it
shows up correctly.  This is a real PITA.  So I can fix it.  The
problem is how do we fix the pre 2002/2003 comments that still have
escaped special characters?  They'll show up when viewing comments
will all there extra slashes displayed.  This is rather painful to
see.  Of course we can't depend on a date or the contents of the
comments to decide what needs to be stripped and what doesn't (during
an upgrade presumably).

Any ideas on how to handle this?  Should we just release the fix code
and tell people to manually fix the really old comments.


P.S.  Ready to check these code changes in, just waiting for some
feedback on this issue.

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