[geeklog-devel] slashes (/) in comment titles

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 27 12:56:13 EST 2005


>The problem is that if you want a comment with a slash in it ('/') you
>currently need to double slash it to get it in the database so that it
>shows up correctly.  This is a real PITA.

It sure is. And I don't have a solution either. Sorry, just wanted to let
you know that I'm aware of the problem ...

There are a lot of places where Geeklog does too many addslashes() so
that you'll end up with extra backslashes in the DB. Over time, we've
tweaked it such that this goes unnoticed most of the time, but of course
that is no solution. It's some really, really ugly legacy code and I have
no idea how to clean up that mess.

bye, Dirk


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