[geeklog-devel] Plugin API: Extend Admin's story editor

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Feb 26 18:07:54 EST 2005


>And I guess your looking a the askPluginsForTheirInputFields() function as 
>also being a generic function that would allow any plugin or GL component be 

Hadn't really thought about that one, but you've got a point there. We
would have to pass the $type as a parameter so that the plugin knows
which form it's asked to extend.

>Hum .. if we allow additional fields to be added. This would also need to be 
>extended to handle edits and deleting.

Good point. We already have a few API functions where we pass a $mode or
$operation parameter, so we could add one here and give the PLG_itemSaved
function an even more generic name, e.g.

    PLG_handleItem ($id, $type, $operation)

where $operation would be one of 'new', 'edit', or 'delete'.

I'm also beginning to worry if the $type is unique enough, now that we
would use more than just 'article' and 'poll'. Maybe we should prefix the
core types with 'geeklog_' or 'core_' to ensure uniqueness.

bye, Dirk


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