[geeklog-devel] GL2 and site relationships

Simon Lord slord at marelina.com
Wed Jan 5 13:06:36 EST 2005

My current solution to this is to assign each dept as a GROUP.  That 
way each dept only sees stories/links etc meant for them.  It's not 
perfect, but it would be if a new *kind* of group object were created 
to categorize content into a meta-group.  This would allow us to assign 
the *meta-group* tag to users who would automatically only be able to 
read and post to their meta-group.

Some depts, such as the Documentation dept, would need to have 
permissions to search more than just within their own meta-group in 
order to gain access to information to author proper documentation.  So 
a means to allow a user/or group access to more than one meta-group 
would be cool.

Is that complex?  I think it would work swimingly across sites as well 
seeing as how users are tagged with a specific meta-group depending on 
where they sign in/sign up and thus only see data pertaining to that 

On Jan 5, 2005, at 12:04 PM, Tony Bibbs wrote:

> One thing missing from the current GL2 data model is the ability to 
> run multiple sites under one database.  These sites may, or may not, 
> have a relationship of some sort.  This definitely needs to be added.  
> I wanted to quickly describe this and how I am proposing to solve 
> this.
> Organizations, particularly businesses, would want to use a CMS like 
> GL2 allowing each entity in their table of organization to have their 
> own site.  These relationships can be in three different modes:
> 1) Independent.  They share the same database but have no relationship 
> between them.  As such they effectively act as their own independent 
> GL2 site
> 2) Peer-to-Peer.  You may have two GL2 sites with different but 
> related content.  This model would allow one site to magically 
> 'submit' items that can be included on the other site given that site 
> administrator wants it.
> 3) Affinities. This covers the scenario I eluded to where you have a 
> number of GL2 sites that are related to one another.  There will 
> always be a top level 'master' who can create affinities under them 
> who can control their own content but are subjected to content changes 
> the 'master' feels is appropriate to them.
> My first question is do we still want to support this sort of 
> functionality?  Doing so would complicate overall administration but 
> we could probably hide that complexity if, at installation, we knew 
> the admin didn't care to run more than one GL2 site in the single 
> database.
> --Tony
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