[geeklog-devel] versionchecker.php; Number of active Geeklog sites

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Mar 1 13:46:04 EST 2005

FYI: For the month of February, I've counted almost 200 calls to our
versionchecker script coming from Geeklog versions older than 1.3.9. I've
therefore decided to place a little more emphasis on the recommendation
to upgrade that this script displays for those versions.

I've also made an effort to try and count the overall number of calls to
versionchecker.php from different hosts (again, for February), assuming
that that would give us a rough idea of the number of active Geeklog sites.

I came up with about 1500 sites.

The list is roughly filtered for generic host names (localhost, etc.) and
requests from IP addresses, assuming that those were only local or test
installs. I didn't see any attempts at referrer spam for that particular

bye, Dirk


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