[geeklog-devel] GL2 Update

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Mar 2 13:58:12 EST 2005

This past week I have been refactoring the MVCnPHP code a bit.  No big 
changes are in there from an end user standpoint.  My main task was to 
rip out the old PHP4-method of parsing XML and, instead, use the DOM and 
xPath.  Doing so allowe me to eliminate two files and it cut the XML 
parsing code by 75%.

Also, from a performance stand point, I'm going to have the MVCnPHP 
class 'compile' the xml config for a given application.  Compiling 
essentially equates to building a .php file that has an array 
representation of the XML file.  This will get rid of the expensive xml 
parsing process for each request.  And, yes, I will make it so that 
changes to the xml configuration cause an automatic recompile.

As you might guess, I think it make tremendous sense to use a similar 
process for the named query file in GL2.

Fire over any questions you might have.


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