[geeklog-devel] Editor for Gl2 Content Plugin

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Thu Aug 2 15:28:34 EDT 2007

Hi Damien,

I spent a number of months trying various editors and watching their 
projects before settling on FCKeditor and implementing it for GL. I may 
be a bit biased but I've used it now for multiple other projects and 
have only had good experience including developing plugins for it like 
Mark Evans has recently.

In just the past month YUI has released their editor as well Jack has 
released one for the JS EXT library this week. For a basic inline text 
editor or a full blown CMS solution, I still think FCKeditor is hard to 
beat. Fred is very active and we have contributed in the past to this 
project which he then replies personally with great support.

If you choose option 4 - you may just have to develop extra JS libraries 
to initialize and possibly extend it like we have in GL 1.4 where you 
can switch modes online and flip to a basic textarea if you want. The 
FCKeditor API is pretty flexible as this shows.


Damien Hodgkin wrote:
> Ok, so I have been working really hard on the content plugin, I am now 
> implementing the editor. As of right now it has a very basic xhtml editor. 
> I am trying to figure out what would be best to use for a more advanced 
> editor, like Gl1 uses FCKEditor. I want to know what everyone thinks. 
> I've been eyeballing TinyMCE, as it is small and easy to integrate, just two 
> lines of code. 
> Now what I would like to know, from everyone is:
> 1. How does everyone feel about the current editor in Gl1?
> 2. If the editor were to change in Gl2 would it disappoint people?
> 3. If you were to replace the editor what would you use?
> 4. what if the content plugin used a add-in feature so a different editor     
> could be added later on, replacing the "standard" or "default" editor that is 
> put in place?
> Your help and guidance is greatly appreciated.
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