[geeklog-devel] About the "internal" and Webservices APIs

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Sat Aug 11 10:52:36 EDT 2007

Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> He selects a template appropriate to the story and magically the story 
> text is merged with the template and now this story about cows looks 
> like all the other stories about cows. Or in this case, all 
> livejournal submitted stories look like other livejournal stories.
that sounds nice but I guess there is no programming skill around here 
to do that magic. I was more thinking about a template that is loaded 
first and you fill in the text into the placeholders.
>> There would be such templates for all kind of occasions and plugins, 
>> to be used by webservices or for birthdays or whatever.
> Right, but is there some reason you are linking this idea to webservices?
when the webservices are receiving content from a cellphone, blogger API 
or whatever else, they automatically select the "webservices" template 
and fill the text into it.
this ensures that the permissions are correct and the layout is also done.


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