[geeklog-devel] About the "internal" and Webservices APIs

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sat Aug 11 11:04:04 EDT 2007

At 10:52 AM 8/11/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>that sounds nice but I guess there is no programming skill around 
>here to do that magic. I was more thinking about a template that is 
>loaded first and you fill in the text into the placeholders.

So are you saying you want to modify stories (and whatever else) so 
that instead of submitting "intro" and "bodytext" as giant blobs, the 
user is given a list of fields to enter responses into and the story 
is generated like a Mad Lib[1] only hopefully more seriously? Is that 
what templates would do? If so, you want my dynamic forms plugin 
which I'm now not working on in favor of the calendar bounty. But I 
expect to finish dynamic forms early next year.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Libs

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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