[geeklog-devel] Proposal: Plugin vars in templates

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sat Aug 11 21:09:05 EDT 2007

I don't see the need to add these generic template vars to all of our 
templates because there would likely just be confusion and collision 
when the ratings plugin uses {plg1} and myplugin uses {plg1}. A generic 
name is just confusing as to what is' being used for.

The plugin API PLG_templateSetVars has been an excellent addition to GL 
and very flexible - granted you need to update a template to add the 
variable if it does not exist but it's not hard to distribute those 
updates or directions. If you don't have a plugin and want to use this 
feature which has been the case for me on a few projects, adding your 
code to CUSTOM_templateSetVars is straight forward and you can test for 
the template file you need to to set the new variables for.

There just may be a few more places we want to add PLG_templateSetVars();


Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
> We should urgently take up the discussion again about the plugin 
> vars... that has been sleeping for 6 month now or so...
> Oliver
> Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>> This is a simple suggestion. The professional theme should be 
>> modified to add the following to just about every thtml file:
>> {plg1}{plg2}{plg3}{plg4}{plg5}
>> The location would be "at the end" but before any form buttons.
>> Why? So plugins like the ratings plugin would work across version 
>> upgrades without necessitating that the user go in an modify their 
>> thtml files over and over again.
>> In the plugin's config file would be a placeholder option: 
>> $_PLG_CONF['placeholder'] = 'plg3'; The user would be responsible for 
>> making sure each plugin requiring the placeholder service had a 
>> unique placeholder. Now when the template wanted to add itself to an 
>> existing page it would use $T->set_var($_PLG_CONF['placeholder'], 
>> $mycontent); to do so. As long as the user ensures the placeholders 
>> are unique, nothing stomps all over something else.
>> About the only other change probably needed would be to add the 
>> following to the Template class' constructor.
>> for ($i = 1 to 5) { set_var("plg$i", ''); }
>> I'm sure folks using stuff like the Ratings plugin would find this 
>> helpful.
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