[geeklog-devel] User requests (was: Story Templates)

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sat Aug 11 23:54:15 EDT 2007

At 11:15 PM 8/11/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>My point was that the only reason you don't propose doing this as a 
>>plugin is you have CVS access.
>You assumption is false. I do not think that this is sensible to be 
>done in a plugin. that is why i think it should be core code. i do 
>not think it is good to have to go to a plugin-admin page to start a 
>story, a static page, a calendar event with pre-filled text for a 
>special occasion.

You wouldn't have to go to a plugin page to start a story. The plugin 
would fill in the template selection on the normal story or 
staticpage editor without the story or staticpage knowing the extra 
field was there. The only reason to go to the plugin admin page is to 
add a template to the system. Once the templates exist, you use the 
normal story or staticpage editors to use the templates.

>Yes. You teach me how to do something in a plugin and assume at the 
>same time that I know how to do that, and that I think it would be 
>better thing to do it as a plugin - and that I still propose it as 
>core code just because i have CVS access. Sorry, but that sounds 
>like you assume i am a guy who does thing in the wrong way despite 
>knowing better, but you still seem to feel the necessity to teach me 
>how to do it better... that does not make sense and tells me that 
>you do not think much of the way I work and/or my work. Maybe you 
>should go through the list of my contributions to the core code in 
>the history file before you start accusing me of such things.

I haven't accused you knowing or not knowing anything. I thought you 
wanted to discuss the idea of adding templates to core. I'm showing 
you an alternative that you obviously didn't think of. The first part 
above shows you don't know how it would work as a plugin.

And I know you've added lots of stuff to GL. I've said repeatedly I'm 
not attacking you and I've tried to be civil. Stop reading venom 
where there isn't any.

>>I've seen the forum posts requesting such a feature and I believe 
>>it use to be in the bug tracker/feature requests. (Another planning 
>>tool missing.) Still, doing it as a plugin means sites that don't 
>>use it aren't burdened by the additional runtime if'ing around the code.
>same as above. why do you tell me why it should b a plugin and say 
>at the same time that I know that already and that I ignore it?

Now I get it. You are taking my "accusation" that you aren't 
considering a plugin due to CVS access in a far more inflammatory way 
than I intended it. Several ideas there were conflated and I didn't 
mean to link CVS access so strongly with the template proposal. Let's 
try this: It's obvious to me you can do the template thing as a 
plugin. So I assumed it was obvious to you. It is certainly easier 
putting it into core though if you can. And you can. That's all I'm 
saying about CVS access with regard to templates. I had no way of 
knowing you had never considered doing it in a plugin.

If you feel that I'm slighting you somehow because we disagree about 
this I'm sorry. But now, the focus of what I'm saying is there is 
more than one way to implement this feature. You proposed a feature 
and asked for people's thoughts. My thoughts were not to add clutter to core.

>I do no say we cannot [plan]. And you should not blankly assume that 
>we do not have any plans. We simply do not hace many planned thing 
>and did not publish a refined list.

See, now this is odd. Having documented plans make Geeklog look 
better to people seeing it for the first time. People like to know 
where the software will be tomorrow. Geeklog is not a commercial 
entity but you sell to folks. Anything that provides them peace of 
mind should be front and center on the Geeklog homepage. People 
outside the inner circle need to be able to plan for their own usage 
of Geeklog. Having plans makes our lives easier. I'm a user and I'd 
like to know where Geeklog is going. Are you saying it isn't worth 
your time to keep people in the know?

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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