[geeklog-devel] User requests

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Sun Aug 12 00:23:06 EDT 2007

Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> You wouldn't have to go to a plugin page to start a story. The plugin 
> would fill in the template selection on the normal story or staticpage 
> editor without the story or staticpage knowing the extra field was 
> there. The only reason to go to the plugin admin page is to add a 
> template to the system. Once the templates exist, you use the normal 
> story or staticpage editors to use the templates.
where would you go to select one of 5 story-content-templates that you 

If you did not mean to accuse mean then this is fine with me. lets 
forget this.

> See, now this is odd. Having documented plans make Geeklog look better 
> to people seeing it for the first time. People like to know where the 
> software will be tomorrow. Geeklog is not a commercial entity but you 
> sell to folks. Anything that provides them peace of mind should be 
> front and center on the Geeklog homepage. People outside the inner 
> circle need to be able to plan for their own usage of Geeklog. Having 
> plans makes our lives easier. I'm a user and I'd like to know where 
> Geeklog is going. Are you saying it isn't worth your time to keep 
> people in the know?
well as I said, if you have more things to do than you have time to, you 
have to set priorities. and between fixing bugs and writing code for the 
next version that is already decided to be implemented, no-one had done 
so far the concentrated effort of creating such a roadmap. I fully agree 
with you that it would be better to have one. We just do not because of 
time and coordination reasons. we have a larger backlog of issues than 
plan for the future currently.


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