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Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sun Aug 12 01:09:45 EDT 2007

At 12:23 AM 8/12/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>You wouldn't have to go to a plugin page to start a story. The 
>>plugin would fill in the template selection on the normal story or 
>>staticpage editor without the story or staticpage knowing the extra 
>>field was there. The only reason to go to the plugin admin page is 
>>to add a template to the system. Once the templates exist, you use 
>>the normal story or staticpage editors to use the templates.
>where would you go to select one of 5 story-content-templates that 
>you created?

It would be right on the story editor screen, stick between SID and 
Title, or stick it at the end, it doesn't matter where. Hooking 
PLG_tempalteSetVars enables you to add a dropdown box that displays 
the list of story template names. You pick one before you save the 
story (if you don't pick one, the story doesn't use a template). When 
PLG_saveItem is called you save the template name selected in your 
template table associated with a certain sid and type='story'. 
Whenever the story is displayed, SP_renderArticle will call 
PLG_templateSetVars. Your hook looks up the sid in your table, runs 
my 10 line sample magic function something like this: 
magic_template_function($T->get_var('body_text'), $T); And Voila`, 
the story is templated.

If I weren't busy with the calendar bounty I'd mock it up. There are 
folks who have asked for this feature. Now that I've spent a while 
discussing it, it really would be easy to do. About the only thing 
special would be the story magic function would have to call 
STORY_replace_images() in addition to running $T->parse().

>well as I said, if you have more things to do than you have time to, 
>you have to set priorities. and between fixing bugs and writing code 
>for the next version that is already decided to be implemented, 
>no-one had done so far the concentrated effort of creating such a 
>roadmap. I fully agree with you that it would be better to have one. 
>We just do not because of time and coordination reasons. we have a 
>larger backlog of issues than plan for the future currently.

How about a wiki page were the various coders could just go in an 
list their current projects? I know, they'd never go back and update 
it. But it would be a start. :)

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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