[geeklog-devel] code scrubbing: stripslashes

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Mon Aug 13 09:34:00 EDT 2007

At 05:09 AM 8/13/2007, Michael Jervis wrote:
>On 13/08/07, Oliver Spiesshofer <oliver at spiesshofer.com> wrote:
> > With the changes done during some of the upgrades I seriously doubt the
> > site will work if the upgrade of that file is not done.
> > Just take COM_createLink. w/o that one, almost every page that creates
> > any kind of link crashes.
>Well it's a case of how you upgrade it. You /should/ overwrite the
>file and amend the path line (and re-add the bad-behaviour hook). But,
>some people don't and might just upgrade the chunk that's full of
>function defs.

Really, I've always overwritten the lib-common and grafted any of my 
hacks into the new file. Also, the only folks really in trouble here 
are those who have magic_quote_gpc set to true. That should be pretty 
rare (and frankly they should just get that fixed in the php.ini). 
Remember for most installations, my code change is an if() that returns false.

And Oliver is right, I grabbed calendar from CVS and had to add 
COM_createLink to the function.inc (inside an if  function_exists, of 
course) in order to use it with 1.4.1. Although, that was the only 
change I had to copy over from CVS to get it running.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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