[geeklog-devel] Themes (was: FrOSCon 2007)

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Aug 29 15:41:42 EDT 2007

Mark R. Evans wrote:

>There has been some very good progress in themes for Geeklog over the past
>month or so.

Yeah, I noticed them. There are some fresh new designs now. Kudos to
Eric Warren (aka geiss) for taking the initiative.

>If you are serious about giving geeklog.net a new look, why don't you throw
>out some ideas on what you would like to see.  Maybe one of the current
>theming wizards will champion the cause.

Well, here are some thoughts:

I think we'll have to stick with a 3-column layout. We just have too
many blocks to put on the site.

I'd prefer something blue-ish, maybe a bit brighter than in the
Professional theme. Something to go along with the airplane picture, for

As for the looks - maybe something like a cross between the Integral and
Refresh themes. I like the roundness in both, the menu bar of Refresh
and the  block design of Integral. I don't like the green in either,
though ;-)

Just my personal preferences, of course.

bye, Dirk


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