[geeklog-devel] Calendar bug

Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Thu Dec 20 23:54:26 EST 2007

While doing some testing of the CSS theme code, I ran across a bug in the
Calendar plugin for both Geeklog 1.4.1 and 1.5.0.  If you add a personal
event, the COM_siteFooter() call is not made.  Looking at the code
(public_html/calendar/index.php) at the bottom you'll see:

$display .= COM_siteFooter();

} // end switch	

echo $display;

I believe that $display .= COM_siteFooter(); needs to go after the end of
the switch.  Where $display .= COM_siteFooter(); currently resides is inside
the default: option.  In the addentry: option you have:

case 'addentry':
    $display .= plugin_submit_calendar($mode);

so the COM_siteFooter() call is never made for adding entries (personal
calendar only).


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