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Aaron Blankstein blanks at mit.edu
Sun Dec 30 15:38:26 EST 2007

The change to the add() function would just remove set() calls from an
upgrade process - it won't really change the complexity of the process.

-- Aaron

On Dec 30, 2007 2:26 PM, Joe Mucchiello <joe at throwingdice.com> wrote:

> At 11:45 AM 12/30/2007, Aaron Blankstein wrote:
> >That's close - you need to be adding your config options to the
> >database somehow -
> >if you take a look at the staticpages config.php file, you'll see
> >how to do this.
> The code I listed was the stuff you'd replace "include
> $_CONF['path']."plugin/$plugin/config.php" at the top of its
> functions.php with. The add calls should be in
> plugin_upgrade_$plugin(). The staticpages example is actually very
> bad as it blows away the old user's old staticpages options. That
> code should be in functions.php.
> Did you think my alteration of add() would help with this
> bootstrapping issue? The calls to set() in the main install could be
> eliminated with it.
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