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Timely for me in that none of the current GL2 code has a license reference at all.  I'd be interested in collecting feedback from you all as to which license makes sense for GL2 given I still have access to all the current authors (though I haven't personally talked to Vinny for a while I assume he's around) so getting buy-in should be feasible.


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The discussions on the Joomla site using the link you provided 
previously and frontpage story which includes a good FAQ are a great 

The interpretation is the same as we have discussed in the past.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>> Of course, the real problem area is the javascript parts of Geeklog. 
>> Once a user agent downloads the javascript, the website has partially 
>> distributed a GPL'd program to someone and that person now has the 
>> right to ask for all the GPL'd source code that is part of that 
>> distribution. That includes any customizations made by the website admin.
> I very much doubt that interpretation. If that were the case, it would
> pretty much close the loophole Christian mentioned.
> JavaScript, by its very nature, has to run on the client's side
> (ignoring things like JSP for the moment). I don't think this technical
> necessity counts as "distribution". 
> bye, Dirk
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