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Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Wed Jul 11 17:13:52 EDT 2007


Let me know the username you'd like to have ("Mark" is already taken).

Let's go with mevans, you can email me the password.

>But, I would rather start working with an
> >local wiki install to get the initial based done and then take it to the
> >public wiki to complete.
> Not sure how you would merge them back together, though. Tom Willet
> should be able to provide you with an SQL dump.

I don't need an SQL dump, MediaWiki has an import / export method via XML.
I can easily dump the existing stuff and then import anything new.

Working on a local wiki is just more convenient for me at times, I load
everything up on a laptop and can work regardless of connectivity.  Not a
requirement at all, I can easily work on the existing site and simply create
new pages where necessary.

The big question is how much stuff to keep, should all the old 1.3 docs be
purged?  How well can the GL14 and GL20 stuff be segregated?

>Would the team be willing to
> >see the current wiki move to a more integrated solution?
> Not sure if we'd want that. We closed the account signup on the wiki due
> to all the spam we were getting there ...
> And switching to another wiki engine would probably break a lot of links.

The DokuWiki integration uses Geeklog's account management, so I think the
risk of spam would be no greater than it is today on geeklog.net's forums.
Also, you can limit write capabilities to a specific Geeklog group.  If
someone wants to contribute, add them to the proper group and they are good
to go.

Personally, I think a lot of links will get broken anyway if the structure
and page names change.  We'll have to decide how much of the structure
should change.

I have no real preference which engine is used, but I do like the ability to
have the wiki docs integrated with Geeklog's search engine.  I believe it
can significantly enhance the support efforts.  I doubt many users will
search both geeklog.net and wiki.geeklog.net (it is hard enough to get them
to search in the first place).   Having everything (forum, faq, wiki docs,
stories) in one place does have some advantages.

Either way, I'm happy to use whatever tool is decided and see if we can
improve the current documentation.

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