[geeklog-devel] Wiki docs

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Jul 19 15:33:36 EDT 2007

Mark R. Evans wrote:

>The big question is how much stuff to keep, should all the old 1.3 docs be
>purged?  How well can the GL14 and GL20 stuff be segregated?

As I said before (I think): Many of the 1.3 pages are probably still
valid and usable. So if there's a 1.4 page, use that and else keep the
1.3 page.

GL2 is a different beast altogether. I don't think there's any overlap
at all here. You probably won't have to touch any of the GL2 pages.

>Also, you can limit write capabilities to a specific Geeklog group.  If
>someone wants to contribute, add them to the proper group and they are good
>to go.

That's a nice feature.

>I have no real preference which engine is used, but I do like the ability to
>have the wiki docs integrated with Geeklog's search engine.

And that's certainly a compelling argument for a switch.

The main downsides are breaking existing links (not sure how many
really, though) and that we would have the wiki back on the geeklog.net
server, causing more load there. Hmm.

bye, Dirk

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