[geeklog-devel] Add/Edit user and access to remoteservice field

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:45:38 EDT 2007

On 19/07/07, Blaine Lang <devel at portalparts.com> wrote:
> Currently you can not add a new user and specify the remoteservice
> option, nor can you edit a user and change this.
> Is there any reason, we would not do allow that user admin option?

Yes, the registration of that feature is recorded on the basis that
the user has selected to authenticate against, say, blogger.com. If
you change that, then it would make them try and authenticate against,
say, livejournal.com, which is not a valid action to perform.
THEMike at blogger and THEMike at livejournal are two separate people, and
neither of them are me however THEMike at snakenet (i've got a snakenet
auth class in my install) is me. it would be invalid to change the
drop down to indicate I was THEMike at livejournal, and when I tried to
login then it would fail as I'd be authenticating against another

> Reason: If we created say an LDAP authentication class, I may still want
> to create local login accounts and maybe even create users that will
> login later via LDAP that have not yet logged in so I can setup their
> permissions.

I'd say that would need to be implemented in another way. Using LDAP
to authenticate core users, instead of UID/PWD in the gl_users table.
Or rather, auth everyone who isn't at a specific other remote service
against LDAP and transparently create (or associate to pre-existing)
local accounts.


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