[geeklog-devel] Wiki docs

Markus Wollschlaeger 1000ideen at gmx.de
Fri Jul 20 16:09:57 EDT 2007

Just to give another 0.02 Euro:
I`m also much in favour of integrating the documentation into Geeklog. It is not only because of the search but also it makes a much better impression to have an integrated system.

I wonder if it really has to be a wiki. What if it didn`t exist? It would have to be solved with the means available, stories and static pages.

If there will be subcategories soon then it would even be optically orderly to have a structure similar to the the wiki now.

Dokumentation /1.3
              /1.4/ etc.
This might solve the problem Dirk mentioned with the server load, it does not solve the broken links problem.

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