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Thanks for the interest.  With Christian Weiske's help I've managed to get most of the current GL 1.x codebase PEAR-ified.  Most of the push back with the current 1.4 developers is the fact that PEAR can be a bit of a pain to use under web hosts and while I think Christian and I have given workaround for everything, having someone like you to actually show how it would work would go a lot further than me just saying it is possible ;-)

Dirk Haun manages the 1.x codebase and I'm working on the 2.x codebase (a PHP5 rewrite).  Both projects are really busy with Google Summer of Code work but I think we can accommodate your willingness to help.  Initially I'd think you'd only need anonymous CVS access which is covered here:


For reference I have published the last stable releases of the 1.x codebase to our PEAR channel at:


The code to build those packages are in the system/build folder in the 1.x CVS tree.  You'll notice that the dependencies are currently backwards with the core package requiring the plugins.  That's because we haven't had time to go in and make it so all those plugins can truly stand alone. 

I think that pretty much covers everything.  I think downloading and installing Geeklog via tarball  and then doing it with the PEAR installer would give you a good basis for how it works and all the config settings and whatnot.  From there you should be able to work on embedding PEAR and getting the Web frontend working.

If you have any questions please ask.  Dirk, if I missed anything feel free to chime in.

I plan on following your work closely as I fully expect to mimic what you do in the 2.x codebase so there is a lot positive impact your work can have.  Thanks for the offer to help!


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Hi Geekloggers,

I happen to be the PEAR_Frontend_Web guy, and I can tell you that it
should be 'fairly' straightforward to embed the frontend in another

Did anybody start working on this yet ? I am interested in cooperating,
but I'm not familiar with geeklog.

Feel free to contact me,

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That's about all there is to it. Christian and I have already packaged
up the core packages so it's just a matter of embedding PEAR and then
doing whatever magic is needed to get the embedded pear.ini loaded so
that PEAR can do it's magic (install, upgrade, remove, etc). 

In short, you are on the right track. 


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Maybe I'm over simplifying the process, but why wouldn't something like
this work? 

You get Geeklog installed, everything you need for PEAR to assist in the
plugin install is already there. I'm assuming Geeklog is still installed
via a tarball as it is now. 

Once you have the foundation, using something like PEAR_Frontend_Web
that Christian referenced, it would be as simple as the new site admin
to click the 'Add Plugins' link under the admin menu, see a list of
available plugins from the Geeklog PEAR Channel, select the one they
want and away it goes. 

To achieve this wonderfully simple process, the following would have to

1. Get the core PEAR stuff into Geeklog if it isn't already there. 
2. Implement PEAR_Frontend_Web as a plugin (basically get it into
Geeklog's Admin section) 

3. Implement a process for us plugin writers to get our wares on the
Geeklog PEAR Channel (or we can create our own channel if we wish). 
4. Plugins will need to be packaged appropriately to support this
distribution channel. 

So the heavy lifting is to get the web frontend integrated with Geeklog
and get the plugin writers to create the appropriate packaging. 

I'm game for checking out PEAR_Frontend_Web to see just how difficult
(or easy) this could be. 

So, what am I missing? 


On 6/15/07, Blaine Lang < 
devel at portalparts.com> wrote: 
/me set reminder to really really look at this! 
pear install forum -- certainly sounds easy :) 

Tony Bibbs wrote: 

> That's my point, they don't have to setup a PEAR repository, an
> *embedded* PEAR repository would come with a core Geeklog setup.
> Frankly until somebody other than me is willing to lift the hood at
> how you might use PEAR for this instead of writing it off because they
> *think* they know how it all works, it's probably not worth discussing
> much further. I'm the first to admit that embedding PEAR is not
> typical use, that PEAR because of it's feature set it can be complex
> and requires a bit of ramp to understand but there are a lot of smart
> people on this list who no doubt could figure this out with a little
> time. If we collectively choose to ignore the possibility of using
> PEAR (which is likely based on overwhelming silence from some of the
> more noteable 

1.x developers) , that's fine but I just want to be on record for saying
as clearly as possible that PEAR 

> was built to do *exactly* what is trying to be accomplished here. 


> --Tony 


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