[geeklog-devel] OpenID support in CVS

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun May 27 06:16:46 EDT 2007

Dirk Haun wrote:

>And lots of testing ...

Here's a nice one (or two, actually):

--- snip ---
An error has occurred:
2 - fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: SSL operation failed with code
114. OpenSSL Error messages: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0) @ /
usr/local/apache/vhost/geeklog/system/classes/openid/httpclient.php line 189
--- snip ---

Only happens on my Linux box when trying to login via typekey.com.

Turns out this is a bug in MySQL(!) when used with PHP 5.1 or later. It
seems to affect MySQL versions 5.0.20 through 5.0.30. An update to the
latest version (5.0.41) and recompiling PHP fixed that.

After that, I ran into this:

--- snip ---
An error has occurred:
2 - fgets() [function.fgets]: SSL: fatal protocol error @ /usr/local/
apache/vhost/geeklog/system/classes/openid/httpclient.php line 199
--- snip ---

This, it appears, is a problem on the other end (the OpenID server, in
this case). It's often attributed to IIS having an incorrect
implementation of the SSL protocol, but in my case it happend with the
typekey.com server, which claims to run some version of Apache (it
simply says "Server: Apache", no version number).

You'll only see this with error_reporting(E_ALL) and on PHP 5 (otherwise
it's simply a warning that may flash up shortly before the login
continues). So I've patched openid/httpclient.php to suppress error
messages there.

Just in case someone else runs into these problems ...

bye, Dirk


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