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geiss at midnightforce.com geiss at midnightforce.com
Fri Nov 2 12:37:33 EDT 2007

Yeah, sorry 'bout that. At work I'm forced to use godaddy's webmail
client. :-( At home though, I'm using Thunderbird. I found a plaintext
setting. Hopefully that will help. :-)

Here's the contents of my previous messages.

I think it would be a good idea to ship with 2 themes. One with tables
(professional) and one with divs (nouveau?) This way, there's some
flexibility there and some examples for future theme development. The
question is, what one should be enabled by default? ... Bet you can't
guess which one gets my vote! ;-)
One thing I noticed though, is that the install script pages uses the
professional theme by default, even though I have the other theme as the
site default. Is that hard coded somewhere in the install script? Once a
decision is made as to a default theme (I believe there are a couple of
core dev votes for the nouveau theme I've been working on, but haven't
heard from the others yet *cough* Blaine and Dirk *cough*, so I'm not
counting all my chickens before they hatch!) :-) that would need to be
looked at.


Thx Blaine for the feedback! As I look at the toggle space more, I'm
seeing that there just isn't any relevant info to put there by default.
I'll give it the ax this weekend. :-)
I had the Login | Register / My Account | Logout links up at one point
(in the menu bar, on the right), but wasn't sure where to link to for
the login form. http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl15/users.php doesn't give a
clean login form. (By clean, I mean that it uses a login attempt, and
says "Try Logging in Again - You may have mistyped your login
credentials...") I thought that maybe it was using the default fields
from the User Functions block Username and a starred out passwd, but
even disabling the User Functions block on the main page didn't help.
Interestingly though, once you get the "Try Logging in Again page" the
User Functions block re-appears on the left blocks, even though I have
it disabled for all but Admins. (possible bug?) I see you have a clean
login form at https://www.nextide.ca/users.php so I'm not sure what is
running differently there, perhaps only language file differences. Can
anyone shed some light on this? I too would like a separate login page,
as it would save block real estate on the main page.
The Register link is easy, it would forward to
http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl15/users.php?mode=new but once you login and
you have My Account | Logout buttons, where would the My Calendar link
reside, not to mention any other links that are added to the logged in
User Functions block? (ie. Forum, Media Gallery, etc.) Thoughts on this?
Blaine, just as an FYI, I registered at Nextide, but haven't gotten a
welcome/password email yet (going on 10 minutes) and I sent in a forgot
my password request, and haven't received a reply there either. I wanted
to see how you handle the logged in user menu issues (as described
I'm excited about the dialog going on here. Hopefully we can formulate
some viable solutions.


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geiss at midnightforce.com wrote:

(well, nothing I could see)

Eric, can you please slap your email client and tell it to include a
plain text portion? All your recent posts came as HTML attachments only
which makes them a pain to read. Thanks.

See this one, for example:

bye, Dirk


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