[geeklog-devel] GL selectable between HTML and XHTML

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Fri Nov 23 18:19:15 EST 2007


What do you think about applying this patch into CVS for the 1.5 release?
Sounds like the sooner we get this implemented the better and it 
supports the work Eric and Mark have been doing on the new tablesless theme.


geeklog at mystral-kk.net wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> Dengen,
>> Great work!  I did a CVS checkout just a few minutes ago, applied your
>> patch, changed the Doctype to XHTML Transitional and now I have a test
>> site
>> that validates 100% XHTML.  The patch applied without error and took all
>> of
>> 2 minutes to get all this setup.
>> This certainly addresses the only real concerned voiced about moving to
>> XHTML, it is now fully configurable and there is a patch to the current
>> (as
>> of Nov 20, 2007 @ 11:05pm CST) CVS tree.  A simple edit of functions.php
>> and
>> header.thtml and back to HTML 4.01 Strict.
>> I'm sure this took a very significant amount of time and effort and I
>> certainly appreciate all the hard work.  I'm only hopeful that the core
>> team
>> will act swiftly before this patch becomes outdated.  Although CVS
>> activity
>> has been very slow as of late, this effort should not be ignored and
>> should
>> be acted on soon.
>> Please don't let Dengen's work go unanswered.
>> Thanks!
>> Mark
>   Many people using Geeklog in Japan, including me, helped dengen convert
> the code, because we firmly believe Geeklog with the XHTML option will
> certainly be the more attractive and exciting for the present and
> potential Geeklog users.
>   We made great efforts to make it easy for the dev team to adopt and
> merge the patch by targeting the newest code in CVS.  We made some (not
> complete, of course) tests to see if the patched Geeklog will normally
> function.
>   Many Japanese users believe in Geeklog's potential and want to
> contribute to its developmet.  We fervently hope that dengen's patch
> will be adopted promptly and that Geeklog will become the more inviting
> for all users.

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