[geeklog-devel] GL selectable between HTML and XHTML

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Nov 24 03:58:01 EST 2007

Blaine Lang wrote:

>What do you think about applying this patch into CVS for the 1.5 release?
>Sounds like the sooner we get this implemented the better

I already had a chat with Oliver about this and he has volunteered to
take care of it.

Looking (briefly) through the patch file, I'm a bit concerned about
this, however:

-# $Id: english_utf-8.php,v 1.8 2007/08/29 05:25:31 ospiess Exp $
+# $Id: english_utf-8.php,v 1.22 2007/10/09 05:39:36 ospiess Exp $

So this is a patch against version 1.8 of the Links plugin language file
to bring it up to version 1.22. This doesn't look like the patch was
really done against a current CVS version. It only applies to a few
language files, though, AFAICS.

I just hope it doesn't un-do any other changes elsewhere ...

Suggestion for improvement (but we can do this once the patch is in
CVS): This looks really ugly and is a pain to type, especially in the
language files:

  77 => 'WARNING:<br' . XHTML . '>You have set your default encoding ...

How about defining a constant "BR":

  define('BR', '<br' . XHTML . '>');

Then you could write this as

  77 => 'WARNING:' . BR . 'You have set your default encoding ...

And a somewhat unrelated side note:

-<form action="{poll_vote_url}" name="Vote" method="POST">
+<form action="{poll_vote_url}" name="Vote" method="post">

Not sure if this was ever resolved, but this is actually a clash between
the XHTML specification and the HTTP specification where the former asks
for lower-case and the latter requires upper-case. Shouldn't make a
difference in practice, though.

bye, Dirk


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