[geeklog-devel] Bye.

Michael Brusletten ironmax at spacequad.com
Mon Nov 26 11:12:21 EST 2007


You will be missed very much in the geeklog circles and would hope that you come back when you feel its time to.  Please keep your
eyes and ears open with the geeklog community, as you may find that not being informed and then coming back to wonder where has
everything gone.  Even though you may not contribute anymore, atleast you can still keep a watch on things for future reference.  I
know that I may not be of much value to the developement, but I try to contribute as much as I possibly can, like running the Demo
Site.  Sure there has been some complaining going on, expecially by a few, but I tend to try and see their view point as much as I
can.  I wont contribute to flame wars as that is counter productive.

As far as your plugins go, I feel your support has been very good and you've helped alot in figuring out what problems may have come
up.  More than I care to recall on a few occasions you've pointed out that the error was not the doing of your plugins, but of my
own mistakes, and I've graciously said okay.  Then I'll sometimes ask how do I fix them, if I don't or cannot find the answers?
Then you've been more than accomidating in supplying the needed answers.  And for that, I thank you very much.

So in ending, please don't just throw in the towel because there are a few miscreatants that can't behaive themselves.  Keep
watching the threads here and on geeklog.net.


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> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:17:20 +0800
> From: Oliver Spiesshofer <oliver at spiesshofer.com>
> Subject: [geeklog-devel] Bye.
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> Guys,
> As you all know, recently those who do not contribute/contribute little
> started complaining and insulting those who do more and more, even
> anonymous.
> Additionally, people start to collect complaints about the code and the
> site for months only to have material to complain later.
> I was doing this for fun, far beyond the code that I would benefit
> myself from. Because of the abuse and flame the fun is gone however.
> I suggest all the people who complain about my work to jump in and spend
> the same time as I did on the core code. Or better, more time, since
> there was so much to complain about in my work.
> So I rather work on my own stuff, there is loads to do w/o anybody
> complaining, rather people who once in a while show that they like what
> you do, and know what constructive criticism is.
> If someone wants to pick up my plugins/staticpages/other stuff, be my
> guest. Ask me for access to the sf.net page/cvs if you want it.
> Bye.
> Dirk, sorry to bail out, thanks for your trust & good luck with those guys.
> Oliver

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