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Mon Nov 26 12:57:18 EST 2007


I don't know if I am allow to post here, but as a GL community member for
over 5 years, I just want to say that I hate to see you leave.  You
contribution has meant a great deal to me as a GL user and I am sure with
the entire GL community.

Whether you would reconsider to stay or not, I would like to advise you to
try to be less reactive.  I found that a lot of comments and criticisms that
you reacted to are quite trivial, which distract you from focusing on what
matters most.  I have found that a great number of good people in the world
end up wasting their lives in reacting to other people's reactivity.

I am sure you haven't interacted with Mark much in the past.  In my five
years with GL community I found Dirk and Mark to be among the best when it
comes to social skill.  I hope you can get to know him and find him to be a
very helpful person.

All of you, core developers, have sacrifice much time and energy for the
dream of GL community.  At a point GL is about to reach a major break
through to perfection, I don't want you to see you leave and miss to be part
of this dream.

In any case, with the Thanksgiving spirit, I pray that you will be greatly
blessed for what you have done for all of us.


On Nov 26, 2007 11:12 AM, Michael Brusletten <ironmax at spacequad.com> wrote:

> Oliver,
> You will be missed very much in the geeklog circles and would hope that
> you come back when you feel its time to.  Please keep your
> eyes and ears open with the geeklog community, as you may find that not
> being informed and then coming back to wonder where has
> everything gone.  Even though you may not contribute anymore, atleast you
> can still keep a watch on things for future reference.  I
> know that I may not be of much value to the developement, but I try to
> contribute as much as I possibly can, like running the Demo
> Site.  Sure there has been some complaining going on, expecially by a few,
> but I tend to try and see their view point as much as I
> can.  I wont contribute to flame wars as that is counter productive.
> As far as your plugins go, I feel your support has been very good and
> you've helped alot in figuring out what problems may have come
> up.  More than I care to recall on a few occasions you've pointed out that
> the error was not the doing of your plugins, but of my
> own mistakes, and I've graciously said okay.  Then I'll sometimes ask how
> do I fix them, if I don't or cannot find the answers?
> Then you've been more than accomidating in supplying the needed answers.
>  And for that, I thank you very much.
> So in ending, please don't just throw in the towel because there are a few
> miscreatants that can't behaive themselves.  Keep
> watching the threads here and on geeklog.net.
> Michael
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> > Guys,
> >
> > As you all know, recently those who do not contribute/contribute little
> > started complaining and insulting those who do more and more, even
> > anonymous.
> > Additionally, people start to collect complaints about the code and the
> > site for months only to have material to complain later.
> >
> > I was doing this for fun, far beyond the code that I would benefit
> > myself from. Because of the abuse and flame the fun is gone however.
> > I suggest all the people who complain about my work to jump in and spend
> > the same time as I did on the core code. Or better, more time, since
> > there was so much to complain about in my work.
> >
> > So I rather work on my own stuff, there is loads to do w/o anybody
> > complaining, rather people who once in a while show that they like what
> > you do, and know what constructive criticism is.
> > If someone wants to pick up my plugins/staticpages/other stuff, be my
> > guest. Ask me for access to the sf.net page/cvs if you want it.
> >
> > Bye.
> >
> > Dirk, sorry to bail out, thanks for your trust & good luck with those
> guys.
> >
> > Oliver
> >
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