[geeklog-devel] Todo List for 1.5.0 release?

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Wed Oct 10 00:39:05 EDT 2007


Should be fixed in CVS now.


Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> I had an issue with installer. I grabbed CVS a day before Oliver's 
> latest surge of updates and created an empty database and installed. 
> On my home machine I hate having to restart Apache so I just have a 
> directory called \webroot and I just create sub-directories as I need 
> them (I have like 5 GL installs all sitting next to each other at the 
> moment). So the installer gave me a screen with:
> site url: http://localhost:8080/strip/public_html      (strip is 
> subdirectory under \webroot)
> admin directory path: /strip/public_html/admin      (shouldn't this 
> just be a complete url path?)
> Looks okay right? It didn't look bad to me. Except when the install 
> finished, all the admin functions had this url:
> http://localhost:8080/strip/public_html/strip/public_html/admin
> Oops. I'm guessing I should have just said "admin" for admin directory 
> path. I'll go into configuration and fix it. Ooops can't. I go to the 
> database and fix it. Well, luckily I know how to modify
> s:63:"http://localhost:8080/strip/public_html/strip/public_html/admin";
> and turn it into
> s:45:"http://localhost:8080/strip/public_html/admin";
> In any case, was any testing done on using the installer on installs 
> that are not in the webroot? Is there any way to add a rescue screen 
> in case your admin url gets hosed? Maybe "admin directory path" should 
> be renamed admin url so the url isn't constructed in code after the 
> user can no longer fix it.
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