[geeklog-devel] 1.5 Installer stuff

Gary Moncrieff garymoncrieff at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 11 17:10:21 EDT 2007

I too experienced an issue with the new installer!

I installed 1.5 in a sub directory on one of my domains and there is an
extra public_html in the path

ie its installed in http://domain.com/geeklog1.5/

with the path to lib_common set as *
/home/sites/domain.com/geeklog1.5/public_html/lib-common.php *in the site
config file

but upon installing which went fine incidently the site is inaccessable and
it reports lib-common is in


note the extra public_html after the domian, took a quick look through the
config files and could not see this path set anywhere. Havent really had
time to delve any deeper into this.



On 11/10/2007, Joe Mucchiello <joe at throwingdice.com> wrote:
> I don't put public_html under the geeklog directory so I end up on
> the admin/install/index.php screen with this:
> Unable to locate Geeklog files
> The installation script was unable to locate critical Geeklog files.
> This is probably because you have moved them from their default
> location. Please specify the paths to the files and directories below:
> The entry field is small and my Unix path is over 100 characters. Not
> convenient.
> It couldn't find db-config.php and said the path was incorrect.
> Hitting the "back" button didn't replace /path/to/db-config.php with
> the 100 characters I just typed. That was annoying.
> More annoying was the fact that the path was correct but
> db-config.php was not writable. It was '644'. Setting '666' allowed
> me to continue. I set it back to '644' and tried again and there was
> no problem this time. Is there a clearstatcache() in the installer?
> There should be.
> I put a / in the database prefix (by mistake) and received a cryptic
> database error. That field should be validated.
> siteconfig.php needs the
> if (strpos ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'siteconfig.php') !== false) {
>     die ('This file can not be used on its own!');
> }
> or a
>    header('location: index.php');
> More fun: Go into Configuration and set "site enabled" to false.
> Now set it back to true....
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