[geeklog-devel] 1.5 Installer stuff

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Thu Oct 11 22:59:07 EDT 2007

Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> At 07:30 PM 10/11/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>> Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>> I don't put public_html under the geeklog directory so I end up on 
>>> the admin/install/index.php screen with this:
>>> Unable to locate Geeklog files
>>> The installation script was unable to locate critical Geeklog files. 
>>> This is probably because you have moved them from their default 
>>> location. Please specify the paths to the files and directories below:
>> well I do not think this can be avoided in any case.
> I wasn't complaining about that. I was explaining where I was in the 
> process. The complaint was the short field (see below) and the back 
> button issue (also below)
sure. I just noted it in case there is a misunderstanding.
>>> The entry field is small and my Unix path is over 100 characters. 
>>> Not convenient.
>> do you have the latest CVS? I I already made the fields longer 
>> yesterday. how wide was your field?
> Is this another CVS issue? I ran checkout at 1am EDT today. Was your 
> checkin before or after that?
Dunno about the time I did it. I think I made the field 100 long.
>>> It couldn't find db-config.php and said the path was incorrect. 
>>> Hitting the "back" button didn't replace /path/to/db-config.php with 
>>> the 100 characters I just typed. That was annoying.
>> well thats a browser-problem. If you use Opera I think it works.
> No, no, no, there's a "back" on the form. It submits a form to 
> admin/install/index.php. That does not repopulate the entry field.
ah ok
>>> More annoying was the fact that the path was correct but 
>>> db-config.php was not writable. It was '644'. Setting '666' allowed 
>>> me to continue. I set it back to '644' and tried again and there was 
>>> no problem this time.
>> well there should be a help displayed somewhere that says which files 
>> have to be writable. It should however discover that the file is there.
> Actually, someone should play around with that. I had trouble getting 
> any consistency out of this. Sometimes it complains about the 644 and 
> sometimes it doesn't.
Well it seems to me the whole checks/balances of the installer have to 
be revisited. Since I am in another major code revamp of the admin pages 
I dont really have time to look into that since I want to get that done 
today, and next week I will be out of the country.


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