[geeklog-devel] Student wakeup call

Ramnath R Iyer rri at silentyak.com
Sun Oct 21 20:30:45 EDT 2007


As things stand now, I can probably commit a few hours per week to GL.
But at the moment, I am not sure what the outstanding issues are, and
I probably won't be able to dig for things to be done.

So what I suggest is (I don't know if it is possible): if I can get a
schedule for the next release, and what features/bugs need to be
addressed, I'll let you know exactly what I'll work on, and do that in
time for the release.

I don't use Windows though, so I can't test Live Writer and other
software that may run only on Windows.

I apologize for the silence over the last few weeks, but no excuses
there...just lots of things that had to be done.


Ramnath R Iyer

On 10/21/07, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:
> Sorry for the subject ;-)
> Aaron, Matt, Ramnath - forgive me, for I have no idea about a student's
> commitments during the semester. I just wanted to see if any of you
> would have  some time to work on some of the outstanding issues or
> whether someone else should be looking into them.
> >From what I can see, with each of the config GUI, the install script,
> and the webservices API, there are some issues that need to be addressed
> and probably need a bit of work and time (as opposed to simple "on-the-
> fly" bugfixes). So if you could indicate whether you'll have the time
> (and when) or not, that would be helpful for planning our steps on to
> the next release. Thanks!
> bye, Dirk
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Ramnath R Iyer

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