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Tue Oct 23 01:56:13 EDT 2007

 From Blaine:

Hi Eric,

I am out of the office for most of this week and don’t have my email 
client setup on my laptop to reply to the list but did want to give you 
some feedback. Feel free to copy/paste into a reply to the list

I have no issues with you leveraging the work that was done for the 
show/hide leftblocks. It’s a feature I use all the time on my projects 
and wanted to apply the change to the default professional theme in GL 
1.4.1 but it was not accepted as it required a small mod. Since then I 
have worked out a way to make it work with no core code changes.

I am a fan of your themes and I like the direction of this new theme. 
For the User Options, what I have done and prefer is to have a “Login” 
and “Register” link that does a show/hide of the Login form only. The 
link changes to a “Logout” and “My Account” link once you are logged in. 
You can see this on our www.nextide.ca <http://www.nextide.ca/> site as 
an example. The other change we have done that I like is to trap the 
messages so they appear in a special area in the site header. Now for 
our site, it’s a bit of an issue with the header background image. This 
change also was done with no core code changes and I can share that code 
as well.

I do not know if there would be any issue with a more strict DOCType and 
XHTML theme with some CSS based menu’s that use the ordered list idea 
like glMenu. I would need to test more and include multi-browser testing.



Thanks Blaine for your feedback. Hopefully we can start rolling with 
something soon. I know I've been pretty vocal as of late, but I feel 
that time is running out and that it's time to have my voice heard (for 
better, or worse ...hopefully for better :-) ).

Honestly, I guess all the time for discussion has passed. The time to 
act is now. ...I ask, do the core devs want a new theme to go along with 
a 1.5 release, and if yes, I would be honored if you would choose the 
one I am working on at http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl141/. If not, then I 
am perfectly happy finishing it up and releasing it as a 1.4.1 theme. 
Regardless of whether or not it makes it into 1.5, I would like to 
continue to get feedback on it, as I would like to make it the best it 
can be.

Thx for the time and consideration!

Eric 'Geiss' Warren
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