[geeklog-devel] New GL default theme

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Mon Oct 22 03:43:26 EDT 2007

=MF=Geiss wrote:
> I understand what you are saying, and I like the idea of flexibility 
> in the GL engine, but I'm failing to understand the benefits of having 
> this particular option. In what instances would one choose to render 
> their site in HTML over XHTML, and why?
Well for a start the layout authors create the most HTML and I am not 
sure I want to force them to the one or the other.
> Also, my fear is that all the work done by dengen on this XHTML 
> conversion of the 1.5 codebase dated Sept.17th would be lost if not 
> incorporated soon.
There have been already quite some updates to the code. Also, I think 
despite the fact that it is a lot of work, a careful replace action on 
">" would be doing the job at any point in time.
> I just feel an opportunity is slipping by... if there is some bigger 
> picture that I'm just not seeing, please help me to understand it. :-)
> On a different note, I've done some more work on a new theme and would 
> like another round of feedback. Browse over to 
> http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl141/ to see the latest. Things to note are:
>    - A new site logo. Thoughts?
hmmm... good from the graphical quality point of view, not so special 
from the creativity/recognizability point.
>    - A nice static menu dividing the header from the rest of the page. 
> This can easily be generated from the GL {menu_elements}code, or just 
> hard-coded links in header.thtml. What are everyone's thoughts on this 
> new menu vs. the blue one above the site?
I see there some conflict with the menu points on top of the page 
(calendar twice, whats the logical separation?)


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