[geeklog-devel] Student wakeup call

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Oct 22 14:52:31 EDT 2007

Ramnath Iyer wrote:

>As things stand now, I can probably commit a few hours per week to GL.

Sounds good.

>But at the moment, I am not sure what the outstanding issues are, and
>I probably won't be able to dig for things to be done.

We talked about it before: The service document (aka introspection)
should return both workspaces per default, i.e. for the stories and the
static pages. That's probably not as trivial to implement as it may sound.

I've also only now become aware of Tim Bray's Atom Protocol Exerciser,
<http://www.tbray.org/ape/>. It lets you test an Atompub implementation
- and promptly found a few issues.

For example, it uses really long IDs for its entries. Geeklog, however,
only stores 40 characters. That wouldn't be a problem, since we could
assign the entry a new ID during the POST, but we don't even recognize
it. Also, we would have to return the created Atom entry so that the
client has a chance to pick up the newly assigned ID.

Two other issues I found may actually be my fault: When editing an entry
through appfs, the entry is assigned a new ID. It works fine with the
new ID, but it shouldn't do that (a PUT should not change the ID). And
it only picks up the first child element of a content <div>.

I'll look into those two myself.

>So what I suggest is (I don't know if it is possible): if I can get a
>schedule for the next release, and what features/bugs need to be
>addressed, I'll let you know exactly what I'll work on, and do that in
>time for the release.

From the way things are, I think we should aim for a beta release by the
end of November. By which I mean that all the new features should work
as we'd like them to work - but we should be prepared for a few
surprises once it's released. The next step after that would be release
candidates (strictly bugfixes only) - as many as necessary - and then
the release. But I guess we're into 2008 by then.

>I don't use Windows though, so I can't test Live Writer and other
>software that may run only on Windows.

I'm still not sure what Windows Live Writer is ... Is it a standalone
Windows application?

As for other clients, there's the Firefox extension I mentioned and
appfs, which is Linux-only and a bit of a pain to install.

>I apologize for the silence over the last few weeks, but no excuses
>there...just lots of things that had to be done.

And no excuses necessary - that also applies to the others. We're all
busy around here. I just wanted to know where we stand and what we can
expect from you.


bye, Dirk


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