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Ramnath R Iyer casual.dodo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 01:13:47 EDT 2007

On Monday 22 October 2007 14:52:31 Dirk Haun wrote:
> We talked about it before: The service document (aka introspection)
> should return both workspaces per default, i.e. for the stories and the
> static pages. That's probably not as trivial to implement as it may sound.

I'll implement the workspaces thing before the end of November.

> For example, it uses really long IDs for its entries. Geeklog, however,
> only stores 40 characters. That wouldn't be a problem, since we could
> assign the entry a new ID during the POST, but we don't even recognize
> it. Also, we would have to return the created Atom entry so that the
> client has a chance to pick up the newly assigned ID.

I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. Could you please elaborate on this 
part: "we don't even recognize it."

Here's how the system worked originally when a story was posted: if an ID was 
given, it would be used, provided there was no such ID previously. If the ID 
was not given, then a new one was generated based on the date and used.

I tried to follow the same logic for the web service. The first consequence is 
that when the ID is not given during a new post, a new one is generated 
automatically and returned in the Location header of the returned entry. The 
Atom protocol said that the complete entry *may* be returned. The Location 
header is sufficient to figure out the ID of the newly created entry, and the 
protocol is complete without the full entry being returned.

> Two other issues I found may actually be my fault: When editing an entry
> through appfs, the entry is assigned a new ID. It works fine with the
> new ID, but it shouldn't do that (a PUT should not change the ID). And
> it only picks up the first child element of a content <div>.

The second consequence is that the ID can actually be changed. That is how the 
original system worked. You can edit an entry and change the associated ID. 
Now this shouldn't happen unless it is specifically requested; maybe appfs is 
simply doing things in a way that changes the ID every time. I can look into 
that, but when you say "a PUT should not change the ID" are you quoting the 
protocol, or are you saying that this is how GL should do it?

> I'm still not sure what Windows Live Writer is ... Is it a standalone
> Windows application?

Windows Live Writer is a standalone desktop application that lets bloggers 
etc. post to the site from the desktop. Something like an EXE version of the 
Performancing FF extension I used once (is it still around?). I didn't see 
Atom support mentioned anywhere on the site, though.

Ramnath R Iyer
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